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David Wood is an artist/author whose visual work explores the beauty of our surroundings and studio compositions that focus is the dramatic use of light and shadow.  His literary work explores not only the joys of being human but also how we can overcome and grow from life’s challenges with dignity through insight and goodness.

Mr. Wood’s written works include the middle grade chapter book, “THE LITTLEST DRAGON AND THE PRINCESS,” a story about goodness and greed while it weaves Chinese dragon mythology with the discovery of silk.  It solves the mystery of why the legionary Empress Leizu dropped that first cocoon into her tea and discovered silk.  In the background of the story is the social conflict that all school age youngsters encounter especially the difficulty that the young have when they are short.  The words of a wise old sage suggest enlightened approaches to life’s conflicts.   

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The unproduced screenplay, “A Touch of Gina,” is a romantic story that takes place in a small Italian coastal village in the mid 20th century.  Alexander, a despondent American fashion photographer, thinks his life is over and has moved to Italy to drown his sorrows and drink his world away.  Fate crosses his path with a well-to-do young orphaned girl who has recently graduated from a local convent school.  Gina, full of life and enthusiasm, thinks a rosy life is about to begin. They soon find that there is more to their future than either has expected.

Mr. Wood earned a Bachelor of Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master of Art from California State University at Northridge.

Mr. Wood has extensive experience teaching drawing, painting and photography in various institutions in Southern California.  Most recently, he was Art Department Chairman at Santa Monica High School where he taught both traditional and digital based photography and served as Director of Roberts Art Gallery.  

Mr. Wood has previously served as: President of the Fine Art Federation of Burbank, Board Member of the City of Burbank Design Review Board and of Burbank’s Task Force for the Cultural Arts and Guest Lecturer for the J. Paul Getty DBAE art education program.  He is currently a member of the Society of Children Book Authors and Illustrators.

David Wood’s commercial experience includes serving as: lead artist and art director for the Smothers Brothers (The Smothers Brothers Prime Time Space Ride – television series), part of the design team for the band Motley Crue and artist, photographer and art director for various commercial and industrial films produced in Hollywood.  He currently divides his time between Southern California and Southwest Florida.